Our Story: Baked Alaska was born in the spring of 2000 and was originally the concept of Chef Christopher Holen, used in mock culinary school projects such as Menus, Business Plans etc. In June of 2000 the ideas spawned a real business plan and school externship. Baked Alaska Soup Co. began as a mobile soup kitchen of sorts, traveling throughout the state of Alaska working off of a 5x8 utility trailer, towed behind a VW camper van. A sourdough bread bowl full of hot soup could be found at nearly any musical festival that summer. We’ve coined the phrase “Have Soup, Will Travel.”

On August 31, 2000 Chris, along with his wife Jennifer, opened Baked Alaska’s doors in a permanent and stationary location in beautiful old town Astoria, Oregon. The road may have ended but the dream lives on. With Chef Chris cooking and Jennifer waiting tables, this pint-sized seven table café quickly became popular.

In the spring of 2001 Baked Alaska expanded to the location it is in today. On April 20th this full service restaurant and lounge was introduced to Astoria. We’d like to give thanks to all the folks who have helped make our dream a reality. Without them, what you experience here today may not have been possible, and what you see here in the future may not be further away than tomorrow.

We hope you have a wonderful experience, and look forward to seeing you again soon!

Chris & Jennifer Holen and Crew

June 2000
Baked Alaska Soup Co. begins traveling the state of Alaska serving soup in sourdough bread bowls from a 5x8 trailer.

August 2000
Baked Alaska opens a seven table cafe in Astoria, Oregon.

April 2001
Baked Alaska expanded and moved to its current location at the foot of 12th Street on a dock over the Columbia River.

Opening Hours
11:30am - 9pm
11:30am - 9pm
11:30am - 9pm
11:30am - 9pm
11:30am - 10pm
11:30am - 10pm
11:30am - 9pm