Loyalty Program

The Baked Alaska Card Loyalty Program

You simply register your card at your table and we do the rest. We ask for your birthday and anniversary to send you special offers on these occasions. Swipe your card at the end of each meal and you will accrue points to be used as you so choose. Your balance will appear on your receipt  and you may use your rewards after your points have been accrued. Inquire with your server to see what you are eligible for based on your accrued points.

Each dollar is equivalent to a point. Once points are spent, you start with a balance of zero and begin accruing points again!  Double Points every Monday.

Here are the exciting things that you can get with your points:

  • Earn 100 points: $5 off
  • Earn 200 points: $10 off
  • Earn 300 points: $15 off
  • Earn 400 points: $20 off
  • Earn 500 points: $25 off
  • Earn 600 points: $30 off
  • Earn 700 points: $35 off
  • Earn 800 points: $40 off
  • Earn 900 points: $45 off
  • Earn 1000 points $50 off
  • Earn 2000 points: a tasting menu for two at Baked Alaska ($120 value)

*Offers are subject to change and availability

Terms and Conditions of the Baked Alaska Card

Points accrued during current meal may be used after your transaction has been finalized, not during. The points on your card will expire if your card has not been used in 1 year.  Offers are subject to change. This card is not transferable, but can be loaded with additional cash to be used as a gift card. Cash that is loaded by the customer to this card does not expire. This card may only be used at: No. 1 12th St., Astoria, OR 97103.

For questions of concerns please call us at: 503-325-7414 or e-mail at reservations@bakedak.com.

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