Astoria, Oregon is a city of approximately 10,000 residents at the mouth of the Columbia River. The Lewis and Clark Expedition weathered the cold and wet winter of 1805 to 1806 in a log structure they named Fort Clatsop, just south and west of present day Astoria. Fort Clatsop was named after the Clatsop Indian tribe that inhabited the area when Lewis and Clark arrived. In 1811 John Jacob Astor’s Pacific Fur Company founded Fort Astoria, and along with it, the first permanent United States settlement on the Pacific Coast. Astoria also holds claim to the first Post Office west of the Rocky Mountains, established in 1847.

Astoria grew along with the Oregon Territory, becoming an important port city. The city’s economy centered on the fishing and timber industries. In 1883 and again in 1922, downtown Astoria was greatly damaged by fire. On both occasions, however, the city was able to recover and rebuild. During the 1980s, Astoria’s fish processing and timber base of the economy came to a close with the closing of the Bumblebee Seafood canneries and the Astoria Plywood Mill.

Today, a developing art community and tourism support the economy of Astoria. The Port of Astoria is also a port of call for an increasing number of cruise ships.

Astoria has hosted the sets of several Hollywood movies. The 80’s cult classic, The Goonies, was set in and shot on-location in Astoria. Other movies that were shot in Astoria include: The Ring Two, Kindergarten Cop, Free Willy, Free Willy Two, Short Circuit and Benji.

#1 12th Street
Astoria, OR 97103